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Cavalier Horsemanship

Cavalier Horsemanship

Ranger at the Mustang Million
Training Hackamore/Halter

Our trainer, Chris Cavalier, has had an exclusive history of training and showing horses. His affinity for horses has led to his soft touch and understanding of any horse.

Chris won his first 6th Place Trophy in 14 & Under Western Pleasure at the age of 2 1/2 years old on his 16h Appaloosa mare "Sally Rand".

First Trophy

His very first First Place Trophy was with his Halter pony, "Keno".

Showing Keno

When Chris was 3 years old he taught "Keno" the playday events (barrels, poles, stake race, etc.) and won many 5th place & up ribbons.

Running Keno

From the age of 3 1/2 and up Chris was running barrels, poles and other playday events with the "Pasadena Youth Riding Club Association". He was winning ALL the Blues and Over-All Year End Hi-Point. He was competing in the 18 & under classes with his 16h Appaloosa mare "Baby's Dots n Dashes"!

Riding Baby Bareback

When Chris was 5 years old and many Trophies, Ribbons and Buckles under his belt, He trained his be-loved "Missy". She was an un-broke 3 yr old Appaloosa mare. They won many Playday Hi-Points and exceeded in barrels.

At 12 years of age, Chris was running and winning with the GCBRA with his Quarter Horse Gelding "Rimbo Deck", known as "Rambo". They had won the Pole Bending 4 years in a row at the Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo in Houston. They were running 19's and 20.0's in Poles. "Rambo" and Chris also won the Texas State Pole Bending Championship in 4-H. "Rambo" had also set a New Record at the AQHA Show at the Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo in the "Figure 8 Stake Race". "Rambo" had earned his ROM in barrels with the AQHA. They went to world and were invited to the AQHA Congress.

Rambo on Poles

Chris had taken a break from training while he served in the United States Army. He is now back from active duty and training horses once again. Chris has not lost his affinity, his gentle touch or his love for a horse. Especially a horse that needs careful training to bring out the winning traits.

He Speaks Horse......